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Sexual Health Peers

Sexual Health from a New Perspective: Yours

College is a life transforming experience for virtually everyone. Invariably students are presented with a near endless stream of learning experiences in both the classroom and in life. Sex is an integral part of our culture as well as a common topic in the every day lives of students. Like learning how to write, doing basic mathematics, or understand views from another's perspective we believe sexual education is a fundamental component of the college educational process.

The Sexual Health Peers are well, just that. Peers who form a registered student organization at the University of Illinois. We're students taking the same sort of classes, and we share many of the same experiences in life as you. There's no doubt that we have a good grasp on the student perspective - we live it. One of the best ways to learn in school is from your peers - we're here to share specialized knowledge on sexual health. Our mission is to inform the student population to the best of our ability about the important aspects of sex and sex education - safety, birth control options and methodology, STI prevention, perspectives on dating, and creative ways to develop your sexuality. In essence, we promote responsible and safe sexual conduct through supporting and providing comprehensive sexual education.

This web site is a resource. You can find out more about what we do as Sexual Health Peers in workshops, programs, and more.