Integrating Information Technology into Contemporary Civil Rights

Instructions for the Afro Listserv Operators

Step 1) Verify Status

Only certain individuals are cleared to be list moderators or administrators. At this point in time the only two are Jeff Ginger and Dr. William Patterson. If you would like to be added as a list admin or moderator, please contact Jeff and explain to him your interest.

Step 2) Login in to the management pages

Go to and login with your email ID and the password.

If this is your first time loging in, follow the instructions on the web site in order to verify your access through email.

Step 3) Decide what you'd like to do

If you would like to look up or add/remove list suscribers, go to the mailing list management link and then to the suscribers page.

If you would like to post an announcement to the listserv, go to the "suscriber's corner" link on the left. Select the Afro-L Listserv. You can adjust your personal suscription options with the main link, or post to the list with the 'post' link to the right.

If you're interested in altering list policy or checking archives, you can do so through the management pages. If you have questions, refer to the Listserv help page.