This is the web site dedicated to a pilot program that took place in Snyder Hall during the 2004-2005 academic year. Avalanche was a community based solution to the social problem of college age drinking and succeeded all expectations for its first year implementation. The program has now transformed, altered focus, and changed up leadership but still remains operational in Snyder.

Just Who Is Avalanche

Avalanche was a large scale program run by the students of Snyder Hall Council with participants consisting primarily of housing residents, but extending to include students from all over the campus.  Avalanche became so involved and successful that they separated from Snyder Hall Council to field a fully functional independent executive board consisting of over a dozen highly active and capable members.


More important than the break down of the leadership structure of Avalanche was the Avalanche community. Students in Snyder and from all around campus found a home and friends on weekend nights. This community ultimately grew, prospered and many even moved on to leadership positions as RA's or as leaders in other prominent organizations. For its time it was one of the strongest and largest residence hall communities ever known to Snyder Hall.

What Is Avalanche?

The function of Avalanche was to help encourage students to become involved by taking active roles in building community and creating a positive environment throughout the building.  The aim was to connect with and empower the residents of Snyder Hall with meaningful activity opportunities on weekend nights. This objective was realized in numerous forms consistently throughout the year.   The programs run were large scale and all inclusive, and covered a variety of genres.

So What Did Avalanche Do?

When Did It Happen?

Avalanche ran on Friday or Saturday nights and typically started around 8 or 9 contiuing until about 1 in the morning, thus comprising an entire night.

Where Was Avalanche?

Avalanche was primarily based in Snyder, but events took place in all sorts of locations.  Some events were close by in Snyder or the Tunnels, while others were further away at the Ice Arena or on the outside of Kranert.

Why We're Here?

First and foremost to have fun with cool activities.  Furthermore Avalanche helped to build community by assisting people not only in meeting others, but by enabling them to spend significant and meaningful time with each other in activities they both enjoyed and remembered.  We inspired, aided, and informed students in finding ways to involve themselves on weekend nights without alcohol.  Through the strong support and interest of enthusiastic contributors this new organization made a significant difference in the lives of students in housing.



Avalanche happened with the strong commitment and support of its members and leaders. Take a look at the administration section for some insight to how it happened.