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Volunteer Development

            If you like working with people, consider joining the volunteer development team, because that’s basically all we do!  We seek out students by contacting RSOs, sororities and fraternities, Resident Advisors and Resident Directors of Residence Halls, and other organizations, tell them all about Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society, and encourage them to put a Relay team together.

            Then, we have to give these groups the chance to register.  We set up times and days to register Relay teams, and put together their registration packets.  Our first registration opportunity will be at Relay Kick-off in October.

            Once we have recruited the teams and their all signed up, we make sure they stay happy and excited for Relay.  We run the team mentoring program, all the team captain’s meetings, and fundraising workshops all year long.

            If you want to be involved in making Relay bigger than it has ever been, if you are just itching to share your passion and enthusiasm for our cause, and if you like working with others around campus, then volunteer development is for you.

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            Publicity is the more creative aspect of CAC.  We are constantly thinking of new and creative ways to publicize Relay and CAC.  We work closely with Volunteer Development recruiting teams for Relay For Life.  We also work closely with ACS representatives in Champaign to get the word out about CAC and Relay.  Publicity helps every committee publicize their individual events when needed.  Basically, the publicity committee is the link between CAC and students on campus.  Our goal this year is to have EVERYONE on campus to at least have heard of Relay For Life.

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Cancer Education

            The Cancer Education committee is typically the largest in CAC, and it has to be because we are busy!  Our main responsibilities are keeping the public informed of important cancer-related facts and issues.  We are always developing new and creative ways to educate the campus and the community all year long.

            Cancer Education puts on several different events all year long.  Some examples include Bodywalks at local schools, where we teach kids about lung and or skin health, the Great American Smoke-Out in November (this year we hope to host a smoke-free bar night), Think Pink Week in October for Breast Cancer Awareness, Truth Simulations on the quad to remind people of the dangers of smoking or excessive tanning, etc...  We also run various education programs at CAC’s largest events like Relay For Life, Relay Rally, and Paint Greet Street Purple.

            This year we will be splitting up all our volunteers into teams, each with a different event focus, to ensure that there is always something for everyone to do. 

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            The Advocacy committee works to make sure the local, state, and national government is keeping cancer research and education a top priority.  The government contributes billions of dollars to research, education, and programs, and we want to see that number get even higher.  Last year, with the help of our programs, we saw the Illinois Cancer Patient Protection Act get passed into law.  The American Cancer Society’s picture a cure campaign was an integral part of that.  We also organize the campus division of the ACS action network.  Basically, when anything cancer-related is discussed by the government, the Action network works to notify people signed up for the network of the issue and encourages them to call or write their elected officials in support of Cancer research or education.

            This year, advocacy’s new focus will be the smoke-free Illinois campaign and working to make sure tobacco companies are required to fund TRUTH commercials.  Advocacy will work with the ACS office to organize strategic lobbying tactics.  If you are interested in politics or government, consider working with the advocacy committee to achieve our goals.

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            The survivorship committee works with cancer survivors and those affected by cancer in many profound ways.  Survivorship is responsible for putting together the Cancer Care Network to give both campus Cancer Survivors, Caregivers, friends, and family members a chance to get together in a fun setting such as bowling, cookouts, or a movie and get to know each other in a very informal setting.  We also put on a remembrance ceremony each year around the holidays where students and staff can come honor and remember their loved ones who have battled cancer.  We are always working to find new cancer survivors on campus and provide a network for them to share stories, provide support, etc...  We participate in various activities to allow interaction between students and cancer survivors, such as a holiday party for the pediatric cancer patients at Carle hospital, and a Adopt-a-Survivor program.  Throughout the year, we try to provide support for local cancer patients going through treatment by sending gift baskets and card to various treatment offices and clinics.  Finally, since survivors are the heart of Relay, we work to recruit survivors to attend our survivor dinner event and walk the opening lap of our Relay For Life in April.

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            Outreach is dedicated to interfacing and networking with other Registered Student Organizations, as well as campus and community programs, in order to bring CAC programs into new arenas and incorporate outside programs which are consistent with the CAC mission statement. In previous years they have worked on programs such as Feel Better Bags at Illinites, participating in the “Adopt A Campus Pathway” program, and working with Faith in Action!

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Corporate Relations

            Our job in CAC is to maintain a good and healthy relationship with local businesses and the American Cancer Society regional leaders.  We are responsible for seeking out any kind of donations from local business, anything from gift certificates, food, printing, discounts on services, monetary donations, etc...  For anyone looking to get real world experience with businesses or just interested in being involved in CAC without a huge time commitment, please consider Corporate Relations.

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            The logistics committee is essentially the behind-the-scenes group of CAC.  We take care of everything needed for CAC events such as finding and securing locations, tables, sound and or lighting equipment, video monitors, etc...  Our main challenge is Relay For Life: we work all year to develop a plan to fit all the students in the track comfortably, keep the entire event running smoothly, develop a backup rain plan, find a stage and sound and lighting equipment, etc...  If you want to be involved in the behind the scenes actions that keep CAC running smoothly, consider logistics!

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Paint Green Street Purple

Come out on Thursday, Sept 21st from 7-9:30 PM for a rockin' block party filled with entertainment from X-Chords, Contraband, Illini Drumline and more! There will be games, food, friends, and more! Check out UIUC's only Block Party on Green Street between Sixth and Wright!

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Relay For Life

Relay For Life is a fun-filled overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of American Cancer Society. Find out more.

Event Details

April 2007, date TBA
7 PM to 7 AM

U of I Track & Soccer Stadium


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Relay For Life


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Relay for Life