Welcome to my web portfolio, or more accurately described, a snapshot of a life long dream I hope to never finish but always be dancing along side. In simpler terms, this site shows how I weave the web. Take a look.

the designer

I, Jeff Ginger, am a graduate currently studying Sociology and Library & Information Science at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. I study technology and society and the way they play with each other. Specifically I'm currently looking at the impacts Social Networking Services and later hope to delve into the mission of integrating information technology into contemporary civil rights.

You can find out more about me on my personal-professional website, JAG-wire.net.

my philosophy

Coding and FTP


I believe web design ought to be a fundamentally visual language for the purpose of communication. Web sites function to arrange, organize, and form messages to emphasize value and meaning. The design of a site, both in its content and layout, plays a crucial role in the interpretation of its message. As such my first and foremost consideration is the audience and the way they address, access, and otherwise comprehend my web sites. The resulting application of this theory comes in the form of what I refer to as top-down design: I create a vision of a web site - both its form and content before breaking it down to code. This means instead of building a site line-by-line from code and hoping it turns out well I design the site as a graphical framework meant to collaborate and interlace with content effectively before flushing out the XHTML, CSS, templates, javascript, and other programmatic bases of the site. Though not heralded as the most strictly code efficient method of design I do believe this technique best addresses the central purpose of web design: communication.

I bid you to take a look around and decide for yourself.


I work on websites in my spare time. I use a variety of tools including the Adobe CS4 Master Suite (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects, etc...), Adobe Live Motion 2 (and old but cherished program from 2002, it's very fast), Cute FTP 8 and more. I'm mostly self taught though I've had a class on web accessibility and another on the artistic use of flash. My studies in CS as an undergrad afforded me a bit of programming knowledge and I had a chance to learn about web database management interfaces with .NET and aspx interning a few summers ago. I've picked up scripting and some basics of MySQL and PHP along the way.

Perhaps better seen than told, click on the screen shots on this page.

It's not really of significant consequence, but I've had others ask: I do in fact design from a purely PC platform. I enjoy a fast rig modded out with Vista and dual 24" wide screen LCD's for work at home, and rough it with a little 14" laptop when I must travel. I've worked on Macs before and honestly feel they're much less efficient for me, not to mention more costly and less versatile. At this time I don't feel the open source solutions (Komposer and GIMP, for instance) don't offer enough utlity for large-scale management and rapid design prototyping, such as creating and managing websites for dozens of organizations and efforts. They're getting there, but not yet...

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