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Simply stated, the website designs here are what I consider to be my very best. They have been selected for their elements of form and content as they relate to audience orientation, efficient communication and effective articulation, elegance and eloquence, colors, use of space, value, and flow. Overall they are not just memorable, but superb designs. Your feedback in regards to my work is of course firmly appreciated.

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Last updated 01.2009
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The Girls Next Door Acappella The Facebook Project Holidays Illini 4000 Documentary Intense
Colleges Against Cancer The Community Informatics Initiative, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign What People Do Documentary Avalanche
Demo 62 Nature CIMA Demo 11 Youth Community Informatics Prototype
Demo 25 web portfolio danah boyd's site Goat-A-Palooza Gateway Demo 44 ProSleek Demo 32
Demo 34a Art Portfolio    

best hyrbids Pictures Disclaimer Sunset Stallion the band Association of Undergraduate Sociologists
The Feminist Majority at UIUC Editorials Nexus Music
Community Informatics Projects Sandbox Community Informatics Club Prairienet2  

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