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Every proficient web designer knows a good site when they see one. In fact many—if not most—of us learn by mimicking and modifying the work of others. Some of my website designs and layouts are not of my own invention but based on the innovations of others and fitted for new use.

For a time I had access to a browser-based content-management style web design fabrication utility, SiteStudio. Most of the designs below are based on SiteStudio templates but recoded for efficiency, optimized layouts, and new graphics. Other sites in this section are built on purchased templates or inspired by the work of others.

Last updated 01.2009
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Association of Undergraduate Sociologists The Feminist Majority at UIUC Sexual Health Peers Sunset Stallion the band
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Community Informatics Projects Sandbox Prairienet2 Black Women, Gender, and Families  


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Glenbard West Amnesty International Glenbard West Chess Club Patrick's Achieve Project UC Switzerland


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