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The recipe goes something like this - A hefty helping of Adobe LiveMotion or Fireworks, a mixture of photos, some Lorem Ipsum filling, and viola, we have a picture of the concept design. After some adjustments we cut that bad boy up with slices and build a framework in Dreamweaver with templates, XHTML and CSS. Optionally sprinkle some Flash on top for flavor. Usually takes 2-3 days for comprehensive designs. All of the websites you see here follow this original process of genesis; they are all of my own creation!

Last updated 01.2009
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The Girls Next Door Acappella Goat-A-Palooza The Rainy Day Project Double Hitters Anonymous Volleyball
The Bike Project What People Do Documentary Colleges Against Cancer Avalanche


Demo 24 JAG85 Vibes 1 Alicia Demo Illini 4000 Documentary Intense
Demo 31 Demo 25 Demo 32 Demo 34a
Peakbound Adventures The Bike Project Redux Demo 22 Demo 20
Demo 62 Nature Demo 44 ProSleek Demo 8 splash page Demo 11
danah boyd's site danah boyd's web demo JAG85 Vibes 0 Demo 3b
Mock Website Demo Demo 21a Community Informatics Initiative Proposal  


JAG85.com Holidays JAG85.com Gateway JAG85.com web portfolio JAG-wire.net
Kristin's Website JAG85.com Art Portfolio JAG85.com Travel  


The Facebook Project The Community Informatics Initiative, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Slavery and Servitude in Illinois Youth Community Informatics Prototype
Afro Studies 398 UC Hip Hop Outreach CIMA Beckwith Hall Training

high school

Glenbard West High School JAG85.com Gaming JAG85.com Personal  

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